Top Construction Companies

This is one construction company that stands as the matrix of the Group’s management system and entrepreneurial culture. They have decentralized organizational structure, a profit culture, networking, individual responsibility and empowerment at local level. Because of this, the Group has double its revenue and they have the constant improvement in their services and products. They have live up with the strong growth of construction market.

The Vinci Construction is a French market leader of construction. They are the world’s major construction company. They bring capabilities of building, hydraulic engineering, civil engineering and other related services all together. Their business is divided into major complementary components.

Mainland France. The company which was formed in the year 2007 has four hundred profit centers network. These centers are firmly distributed in the regional and local markets of France.

Local market outside the mainland France. This is covered by subsidiary networks that have full range of construction activities. These subsidiary networks are VINCI PLC in UK, CFE on Benelux countries, VINCI Filiales Internationales in Central Europe, Germany, overseas France and even Africa.

Worldwide scope of activities. This includes major structures by VINCI Construction Grands Projects, high technical content specialized civil engineering by Freyssinet, foundations and soil technologies by Solétanche Bachy and dredging by DEME.


This company is included in the leading number of companies that leads the international construction service providers. They offer integrated solutions to all construction projects like real estate, infrastructure and facilities. The core competence of the company is construction.

They focus not just on traditional construction business but also construction management that is in the field of civil engineering, building construction and also infrastructure facilities. They have a global network that makes them provide innovative solutions to all the needs of construction.

They provide not just outstanding skills for engineering but also capacity to be able to handle complex logistics for the productions that are non stationary.


This company leads all the construction groups in the worlds. They have such expertise on development of residential and commercial projects, construction and public to private partnerships. They are active in the fields of both construction and project development. Their operation includes all types of build environment. This includes even the most complex projects of construction.

The company’s vision is to maintain and strengthen the core of the engineering business. The company aid to develop new skills and activities. They wish to be able to respond to the changing needs of their clients. They are anchored to develop world class products, reaching international network as well as financial capabilities.

They are committed to enhance worldwide reputation in all sectors to be able to build superior value by competitive advantages. The company aims to maintain international comprehensive marketing network, maintain high standard of leadership in every project management, adopt all the cultures of the countries where their stores are present, take part in all project developments, adopt a flexible and open approach towards their clients, develop stable client, and generate long term and sustainable profit.

The clients of the company can be rest assured of a high standard project. They can be sure that the code of ethics of the company lives up to the standards of the environment ensuring the safety of every person.

More construction companies are built to answer the needs of more clients. These companies provide almost the same services. The only the difference are the quality of products and services that they provide. Before deciding which company can do a construction work for you, hear some feedbacks fist so you would not bet wrong.